Rappin Ass Thursdays #34

Posted on May 6th, 2010 by Nick Catchdubs

More random thoughts on heroes and villains of recent raps. Is it Summer yet? Read More

Rappin Ass Thursdays #33

Posted on Apr 29th, 2010 by Nick Catchdubs

HATE, HATE, HATE HATE HATE. And some stuff I like too. Hit the jump for Complaining Nick edition. Read More

Dust La Rock = Diddy Approved!

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 by Mr Goldbar

Turns out Mr Combs is a fan, and wishes he was here for Dust La Rock’s Best Of The Beast show this Thursday. LOCK IN!

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“This For Them Underground Motherfuckers That Like It Real Real Dirty And Like It Hard…Pause…”

Posted on Mar 24th, 2009 by Mr Goldbar

Trizzy Likes… my designer friends x Obama

Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 by A-Trak

Alright so we all know that Shepard Fairey smashed the Obama campaign with his HOPE posters. And you probably know that Shepard designed my Dirty South Dance CD cover.

Now my homie Cody Hudson, main designer of my Sunglasses Is A Must mini-line of sorts, just did this Obama poster for Upper Playground.

Diddy’s video blogs about Sarah Palin are cool, but this is cooler.
(via High Snobiety)