Kid Gloves Bare Knuckle EP Out Now!

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

Continuing the proud tradition of Fool’s Gold artists with the k-word in their name, it’s not another new school rapper but Kid Gloves, an undeniably groovy UK duo delivering knockout punches of cut-up funk directly to your earholes. Pow!

Even if you don’t know it yet, you’re already familiar with the guys through their production and songwriting for the likes of Ladyhawke, Little Boots and VV Brown, and their copious solo work as Freeform Five and the Freelance Hellraiser. Now with their debut single on FG, Kid Gloves have taken their deft studio touch and applied it directly to the dancefloor.

“Bare Knuckle” and “Brand New Dance” provide their hooks in the form of kinetic disco and house riffs, looped up to the heavens and peppered with manic drum fills and quirky breakdowns. Remixes by fellow students of the sweet science In Flagranti and His Majesty Andre keep the party energy pinned down to the mat all night long.

Buy the Bare Knuckle EP now on Beatport, iTunes and all other digital retailers and hit the jump for an appropriately bugged out promo video that In Flagranti put together for their remix. Read More

Farewell Fat Beats

Posted on Sep 10th, 2010 by A-Trak

After 16 years of being the mecca of underground hip hop, Fat Beats closed its last remaining stores in New York and LA. I have a lot of history with the company, since my first record label Audio Research was distributed through them. So it was an honor to be invited to perform on the last day of a week of in-stores, last Saturday, alongside many greats like DJ Premier, Just Blaze and DJ Scratch. I did a full set of routines, I think it was about 17 minutes long! That’s like 3 DMCs, yo. Peter Rosenberg captured some highlights, peep the video… and Fat Beats, I tip my fedora to thee.

Telephoned Tour Tales

Posted on Sep 7th, 2010 by Sammy Bananas

Ring ring telefans! We had an amazing summer getting lots of traveling in, highlighted by spending the last month on a North American tour with Chromeo and Holy Ghost!

There’s a lot to cover so get ready for a hefty whirlwind recap (penned by Ms Maggie Horn) of our experience on the almost totally sold out tour! Read More

“Gone”: The People’s Champ!

Posted on Aug 31st, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

Check Donnis’ Fool’s Gold single “Gone” on DJ Skee’s “Hip Hop Nation” Top 10 Requests countdown from this past weekend, still connecting with folks months after it’s release.

If you haven’t already, grab “Gone” on iTunes (or vinyl!) and peep the official video after the jump. Read More

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Pool’s Gold Photos + More

Posted on Aug 29th, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

Thanks to everyone who braved the elements with us last Sunday for “Pool’s Gold” at the Jelly Pool Party, and came out soggy-but-smiling on the other end after rocking with Chromeo, Kid Sister, The Suzan and Telephoned.

Check out a slew of great pics from Nicky Digital (who captured the show, the lounge and the afterparty, featuring Nick Catchdubs, Vin Sol, Gant-Man and a lotta bowling), Metromix, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Village Voice (blog + slideshow), Luca, Sheena Beaston, QRO (1, 2, 3) and a bunch of vids from We Stole The Show.

If you have any more galleries, post em in the comments!

Trackademicks on LBTV

Posted on Aug 24th, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

LBTV (the LB stands for Lyrics Born, naturally) links up with Trackademicks to talk about collaborations, West Coast rapps (“real trunkish”) and more.

Kingdom Interview + Reviews

Posted on Aug 24th, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

Check Kingdom (with some Dr Dre worthy logo blurring!) being Q&Aed by Blu Jemz for Scion Radio. While you’re at it, peep the nice things Pitchfork and Resident Advisor just had to say about his That Mystic EP.

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More Bag Raidin’

Posted on Aug 23rd, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

We shouted out the new Bag Raiders single “Way Back Home” the other day, now lo and behold, here’s a music video for the tune, directed by Kris Moyes. And if that’s not enough, here’s a freebie remix of the track from our amigo Harvard Bass. Pari taim!

For more BR action, grab their Fool’s Gold EP Big Fun (featuring Donnis, XXXChange, and Jokers Of The Scene) on vinyl, iTunes, Beatport and all other fine digital retailers.

Greenmoney x ProKeds

Posted on Aug 19th, 2010 by Mr Goldbar

Check out ProKeds’ new Fall 2010 video lookbook, featuring Greenmoney’s “Bashment ‘Ouse” off their awesome Gold Ru$h EP!

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Food Gold Video Party: Pork Balls with Daniel from The Meatball Shop

Posted on Aug 18th, 2010 by Elliot Aronow

This week we are driving to the hoop with a very special Food Gold Video Party! Earlier this summer, we were lucky enough to go backstage with Chef Daniel Holzman of Meatball Shop during the dinner rush to drink many beers and learn how to cook perfect pork meatballs. Tune in and catch some food porn, some dirty jokes and a whole lotta porky goodness!

PS – We are sorry the sound is a little rough but we really went in to a real working kitchen and shot what happened. Sometimes things get loud (and drunk)! Recipe after the jump. Read More